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The most demanding in the field of Construction and Industry, the demand for Crane Rental can occur in all areas. Sometimes you work in high tonnage and sometimes light tonnage work can do crane rental. In our country, the demand for Car Cranes has increased by more than 100%. One of the main reasons for this is the serious growth rates in the construction sector. Cyprus Crane Rental services are also being transformed into demand due to the building constructions due to urban transformation. Our company Crane Rental Center provides you a smooth, efficient and fast service with many different size crane machines throughout Cyprus.

We have special crane models for different sizes and purposes that can meet different demands. You can get service from 14 meters to 75 meters in our Crane model. In our mobile crane model, starting from 7 tons, we offer a huge tonnage service up to 300 tons. Apart from these, we have Telescopic crane model and fixed crane model. Many different needs of the crane rental business reach our company and the most appropriate model by our experts are allocated to you on request. We have been continuing to provide you the best service in all the districts and the European side of Istanbul on the Anatolian side for more than 12 years.

Cyprus Crane


Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
1. Sok. No:13 - Haspolat
Nicosia / TRNC

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To make the advantages we create by creating differences and to make progress in becoming a world brand.

Our mission is to increase the investment and employment for the future of our country both economically, socially and culturally, in order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction of our customers and employees with the products and services we offer.

Our Core Values

  • To become one of the long-established companies of the TRNC and then worldwide,
  • Being one of the most powerful companies in TRNC with our companies and thousands of employees,
  • Aiming for continuous growth with our activities in different sectors and areas,
  • To realize the firsts in the sectors with various products and services we offer,
  • To work shoulder to shoulder with our customers and employees for success in today's intense competitive environment,
  • To always target better for the economic and social welfare of our country and our nation.

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Cyprus Crane, rental cart platform, scissor lift rental, mobile crane rental, rental cart crane, rental hiyap crane, truck mounted crane, truck crane, crane transportation, crane rescue, container transportation, boat yacht transportation, loading and unloading works, with crane glass mounting, vacuum suction cup and glass installation services.

Cyprus Crane has been serving to our valued customers with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction since its establishment. Our expert and professional staff, closely following the technology of the vehicle park and the latest model tools to make your work smoothly and efficiently.

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Cyprus Crane

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi,
1. Sok. No:13
Haspolat / Lefkoşa

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